What Motivates You?


Money - right motivation or not?Job of a financial analyst isn’t boring, but the work is often repetitive. Analysts create reports, work on their analysis, prepare forecasts for the management, etc. It is repetitive, like the vast majority of jobs.

So, what motivates you to perform day in day out? Obviously, we all work for money. Nobody would go to work without getting paid. But money isn’t a good answer to this interview question, even if it was an honest one.

Work itself should motivate you

Routine is not boring. Just think about it. You take shower every day – it’s routine. But it’s not boring! It’s the same with regular football match you play, or any other regular activity you do. If you like doing it, repetition won’t bother you. You can use the same approach to your work.

Alternatively, you can pick one of the following reasons:

  • Good relationships on the workplace
  • Achieving good results and recognition in job
  • Career growth possibility


Sample Answers

Illustration of anlyzing the data

I prefer routine to creativity. Once I learn to do things, I do my job well and have a good feeling about doing it. Jobs where you have to learn new things every day are not a good choice for me. I like to do financial analysis and enjoy doing it. The nature of the job itself motivates me.

I always wanted to have an influential job. I believe that with a good financial analysis, I can help the company to make right decisions. It is an important and responsible position and this motivates me to do a good job.

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