Why should we hire you?

Young financial analyst at a computer, she is happy in her job, smilingIf we hire you, we will pay you quite a lot of money each month. Will it be our expense, or an investment that will eventually pay off? What do you think about it as an analyst?

Employers always need a good reason to hire you. Some job seekers try to come up with a unique answer to this question, but it often doesn’t end up well. If you are really sure about a value you can bring to the company, you can try to demonstrate this value in an interview. But if you are not sure, a simple answer that shows us that you understand what matters in this job will do the trick.

Sample answers

My experience in financial analysis stands out. I am constantly watching new trends, reading reports and analysis of other people, always trying to learn something new. What is more, I try my best to create reports that are easy to read and understand, and practical for the managers. I believe it it is a good enough reason to hire me.

My proactive approach and enthusiasm sets a good example for other people in the office, and I always play for the team. I believe that you can benefit from having me on board, but obviously you have the final decision in this interview.

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