What motivates you in work?

Man holds a couple of banknotes in his hand. Illustration of a common motivation in job. Analysts analyze results; monitor variances; identify trends; recommending actions to management. Once the initial excitement from a new job fades out, many financial analysts will struggle with motivation in work. We try to understand what motivates you, and what will make you happy in your job.

While most of us work for money (you probably do not know many people who would go to job without getting paid for it), you should try to come up with a better interview answer.

Try to speak about one of the following things:

  • Good relationship with your colleges as a motivating factor
  • Achieving good results and professional recognition that motivates you
  • Your ultimate goal to become an advisor, or CFO, or consultant, goal that drives you to work hard every day
  • The job itself, the fascination you experience while analyzing (if you experience any)


Sample Answers

A business meeting, we can see five financial analysts on the pictureI enjoy analyzing things, looking for areas for improvement, looking for things other people in the company can not see. I find this job fascinating, and do not need any special motivation to enjoy my time in work.

I always wanted to have some impact, to actually influence the final result of the business with my job. I believe that financial analysts have power, and I enjoy the power. What is more, it is a well paid job, so I will have a motivation to keep it, if I get it at the first place.

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