Describe a Situation When You Had to Meet a Tight Deadline


Example of financial analysisMany employees depend on the work of financial analysts. They wait for their reports, forecasts and suggestions.

Recruiters try to find out if you can work under pressure and meet deadlines, which necessarily belong to the job of financial analyst.

You should talk about the situation in which you met the tight deadline. Describe your effort to achieve the goal in time, and how it helped other employees Show them the value in you! The following questions should help you with composing your answer:

  • Did you engage your co-workers to help you to meet a deadline?
  • Have you worked overtime to prepare your reports in time for the others?
  • Did you work at home, went over and beyond what was expected, in order to take care of assigned task?

Employers love job applicants who consider their work important and do not mind working overtime, or sacrificing something to get things done in time. This is the attitude they seek, and you should present it with your interview answer.

Sample answers

man analyzing news

I had to meet tight deadlines all time. Cost accountant, I was responsible for preparing customized financial reports for the weekly meetings of financial management. They asked me to prepare specific reports just few hours, or one day before the meeting. However, I did not panic. It was my job so I knew I was supposed to do it in time. I always tried to keep my things organized, to waste little time, and I stayed in work longer if it was necessary. Except of one case, I always managed to prepare the reports in time for the meeting.

In my previous job in sales (do not be afraid to use examples from other jobs, the question targets meeting a deadline, not a specific job you had) I had to meet various targets every month. In February 2016, seven days to go, I reached only 40% of targeted sales volume. I decided to work overtime, to push myself to the limit, simply give it a best shot. Finally I reached 90% of the target volume, so I failed, but taking into account all that had happened during the month, the result was surprisingly good.

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