Why Should We Hire You?


Young financial analyst at a computerAn employee–a regular monthly expense on the cash flow statement. Or an investment?

If they hire you, they will pay you a good salary every month. And they will have additional expenses, connected to your training, orientation, etc.

On the top of that, recruitment itself is pretty expensive. So it is logical to inquire about the reason why they should hire you, instead of other applicants.


Many people try to come up with a unique answer, however, it’s not always important to seek uniqueness. Showing that you understand what matters for this job and that you can do it counts. Let’s have a look at some answers.

Sample answers

I believe to fulfill all the job requirements. What’s more, I have always dreamed of becoming a financial analyst, and my desire to get this job is pretty strong.

My experience in the area of financial analysis stands out. I am constantly watching new trends, finances are my hobby. I can create practical reports and forecasts useful for the management. That is the reason why you should hire me, since I can bring an actual value to your team.

Always playing for a team, my proactive approach and enthusiasm set a good example for other people in the office. I believe that you can benefit from having me on board, but obviously, you need to consider that on your own.

Please, do not forget that your non-verbal communication should correspond with your interview answers. If you were looking bored in an interview, you would hardly convince them about your motivation and enthusiasm for the job.

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