Brilliant Interview Answers for Financial Analyst Job Applicants

By Jeremy Hopkins, Consultant at HW Search (Financial Recruitment Agency) and lead author of

Jeremy Hopkins

Jeremy Hopkins

– Did you know that the number of applicants exceeds the number of job openings more than seven times? Let me show you how to be the one who gets the job of financial analyst.

I will show you multiple brilliant answers to 20 most common interview questions, winning interview strategies, answers to technical questions, and much more. One eBook is all you need to succeed in your interview.


From: Jeremy Hopkins
Augusta, GA, United States
Monday, 6th February 2017

Dear job seeker,

Are you ready to answer the following questions brilliantly?

– What was the worst financial forecast you have ever made?

– Where do you see yourself in five years time?

– Are you familiar with developing business casing and ad-hoc analysis?

– What methodologies do you use while carrying out a financial analysis?

– What is the first thing you do when given a large FA project?

– What was the biggest mistake you did in your job?

– Why should we hire you?


It is not easy, is it? It will be easy, with my Financial Analyst Interview Guide.

See the sample from the book below:

14. Can you explain financial models?

Hint: This is another technical question. You should say what financial models are, and where do we use them. That’s it.

However, if you have any experience with financial modeling, you can mention it briefly in your answer. Practical example will always help your chances of getting a job.


Sample answers:  

Financial modeling is an exercise in either asset pricing or corporate finance, an exercise of quantitative nature. Saying it differently, it is about translating a set of hypotheses about the behavior of markets or agents into numerical predictions. To show you an example, based on the hypotheses that dollar will grow constantly the next year, a rise of the trade deficit will be 5%.

 The process by which a firm constructs a financial representation of some, or all, aspects of the firm or given security is called financial model. Financial models can be constructed in many ways, either by the use of computer software, or with a pen and paper. What’s most important, however, is not the kind of user interface we use, but the underlying logic that encompasses the model. A model, for example, can summarize investment management returns, such as the Sortino ratio, or it may help estimate market direction, such as the Fed model.

—–end of the sample———

This was just one interview question. A small fraction of 50 pages long, highly specialized eBook, in which you’ll find:

  • Brilliant answers to twenty most common financial analyst interview questions.
  • Personality test, together with right answers and explanations.
  • Practical exercises and technical questions.
  • Winning interview strategies, tailored resume writing tips, interview follow up suggestions.
  • … and much more

All information from someone who has interviewed more than a thousand applicants for various FA positions. Can you imagine anything better to help you getting this job? I can’t…

Financial Analyst Interview Guide

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  • Author: Jeremy Hopkins
  • Pages: 50
  • Published in 2014, updated for 2017 (*latest update: 7th January 2017)
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What the others think

Angelica BrooksI had interviewed at three different companies, and never received a call back. I found your interview guide online and decided to purchase it. Simple to understand and easy to follow, I applied your suggestions in my next interview. Job offer at one of the big 4 companies followed. Thank you Jeremy!

Angelica Brooks, United States

Micheal FidgeraldAnswers to personal, behavioral, and technical questions–your guide offers everything I needed to to ace my interview. I was impressed with the bonus material as well.

Michael Fidgerald, London


Li MantaI understood why I had failed to get a job for many months. After reading your book and completely changing my interview preparation, I found new confidence and got an entry level financial analyst position.

Li Manta, Canada


Dear Job Seeker,

Still not convinced? Let me tell you something:

Interview for a position of financial analyst belongs to the most difficult interviews. They will test you with personal, behavioral and technical questions, and you will have to demonstrate your skills in tricky practical exercises.

I have seen many people fail in the interview. But …

  • They failed, not because they lacked the qualification.
  • They failed, not because they were stupid.
  • They failed, not because they could not handle the job.


They failed, simply because they had no idea about how to sell their skills and knowledge in an interview, and they didn’t know what the interviewers wanted to hear from them.

How could they succeed? They were fresh graduates, technicians, young people, in all good means. But they were not good in the art of acing an interview. That wasn’t their field of expertise. Nobody told them what they should do, what questions they should expect, and what answers they should choose. They failed.

But times have changed, for both of us. I wrote an eBook that can help you to understand what really matters in an interview, and sign that coveted job contract.


Young analysts are waiting for their interview

  • I am going to show you brilliant answers to twenty most common interview questions for financial analysts. It doesn’t matter if you just graduated, or have ten years of experience under your belt. There is a good answer for everyone!
  • I am going to demonstrate, on practical examples, how to flourish in practical exercises and personality test.
  • I will show you how to make a great impression on the interviewers.
  • To summarize it, I will show you how to ace your financial analyst interview.


Ready to take the first step towards the coveted job contract?


Financial Analyst Interview Guide

  • Format: eBook (.pdf file, you can read it on your computer, tablet, smart phone, kindle, or you can easily print it)
  • Author: Jeremy Hopkins
  • Pages: 50
  • Published in 2014, updated for 2017 (*latest update: 7th January 2017)
  • Average customer rating:
  • (59 reviews from four different countries)


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Caren Cowell, United States


General interview preparation is not sufficient.

You need to prepare especially for financial analyst interview.


With this eBook:

  • You will be ready to impress your interviewers, telling them exactly what they want to hear.
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Jeremy HopkinsSincerely,

Jeremy Hopkins,

Your personal job interview coach


P.S. Feel free to send me an email if you are still not sure how this guide will help you to get a job. I try my best to answer all messages within twelve hours.

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