Describe a Situation When You Were Under Pressure


Desk of an financial analystIt seems that stress-free working environment doesn’t exist anymore. Big American corporations purposely create stressful environment, as they believe to achieve better productivity and effectiveness of their employees. I do not suggest you to choose one these companies for your career, but still, you can be interviewed there, since big corporations always advertise some job openings for entry level FA positions.

Their recruiters want to hear that you can cope with pressure, or, even better, that you actually enjoy being under pressure in work!

When you will describe a stressful situation from the past, include details

Many job applicants tend to lie when answering this question (and many other questions). Sometimes they can’t remember a situation, and sometimes they are not able to work under pressure. That is why they think up something and pretend to have an ability to work under pressure.

However, it doesn’t matter if you think up something, or if you speak about a situation that really happened. In both cases, you should mention details, since details will give your answer credibility.

Sample answers

I often had to speak in front of a group, presenting my reports and forecasts in front of other team members. I did not feel good about it, it was stressful. However, I always put a lot of time into preparation, which helped me to calm down and feel good about myself.

Stress is very important to me. I achieved my best results under pressure. In fact I need it to stay motivated and productive. For example, my last job was stressful, since I had to meet tight deadlines every single week. But I did not mind, and met all the deadlines most of the time.

I am rarely under pressure. As you can see, I do not stress out now, despite the fact that this interview matters a lot to me. Of course, there were stressful situations in my previous jobs, for example when the workload was heavy, but when life’s not at stake, nothing is. I simply never let the situation to get the better of me and my emotions.

Try to use a difficult question for your favor. The last candidate did not only express his attitude to stress, but also mentioned that the job interview was very important to him. That’s a nice bonus in his answer. . . .

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